Wednesday, February 2

Y'all Don't know Me!

Haha well actually after last weekend everyone knows me (or the old me) a whole lot better. Oh the mistakes of youth. I must say that I do have some pretty interesting stories about the seedy underbelly of small towns. That sounded so devious. Speaking of devious, everyone should check out Its so great, I go on there to relax and get my fix of amazing portraits and black and white photography...there is something so alluring and mysterious about pictures taken in B&W. Beware tho...many of the people that post their art on there are angsty whiny teenagers so a lot of it is depressing and annoying but then there is some really great stuff.
I really need to start shooting more. Pictures that is. I have this fantabulous camera (thanks mom) and great new filters (thanks santa/mom/dad) but I never use them. I always feel like I have no time or inspiration. Pish Posh! I love that thrill of taking them in and waiting to get the photos back....that is one thing you miss out on with digitals. Although those are fun for sneaky close ups on unsuspecting friends (leah?). I will shoot and black and white soon...can't let all this snow go to waste!
Worked out today by the way. I can't believe it either! Who knew. It was pretty fun, thanks to Allison who showed me how to use everything so I didn't look like a fool (too many times!). I think I would like to go more often.
News was good but I have to just get this out. Pet Peeve: people who speak to me in a condescending tone (I don't take that well) and when they try to 'calm me down' when I get excited or just need to rant. THATS THE POINT OF A RANT>>>TO RANT! Enough said I suppose. There I had a rant about ranting. Now I will practice uploading an image...sorry it will probably having nothing to do with anything!

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