Sunday, February 27

Hiatus Over

Sorry guys I was on Hiatus for the spring break. Don't worry, it wasn't cuz i was so busy having so much life was soooo boring that there was absolutely nothing that I could write about. It zapped even my creativity. One great nugget of news is that I got accepted for Calgary! I just got an email and I'm good to go. Thats where prayer comes in though, I have to find ten (or more!) prayer partners to be praying for me throughout it. And the whole money thing lol but the Lord can do that...I guess I will have to put some effort in as well.
This week coming up is bound to be stressful but I'm excited too, its nice to be back in school. I just realized that if I get a co-op in the soo for the fall I will have NO LIFE! I have no friends left there lol...two are getting married this summer and one is headed out life. Actually my old youth Pastor started a Christian club/church at the college up there so he said I could get involved...that would be pretty wicked cool. Oh yeah and my worky. Someone found out my password and so I changed it and now I can't log on....bah! Whoever you're a jerk face!

Thursday, February 17

Bombs Away

Summary of feelings: good, and mellow. It still hasn't hit me that I will be seeing my family in two days. I am pretty excited, let me tell you. So far, these last two days are in my good books. I have had quite a few good coversations with some awesome people about our awesome God. I have been thinking lately that these last few weeks have been so fun, getting to know people better and hangingout, having girly talk. But God gets cut out too often. Bringing Him back into the conversation is just really exciting. Escially to know how He is working and has worked in the lives of people. I want to know everyone's story! How is God supposed to be present in all of my conversations no matter who I am talking with if I dont' even know how to share my experiences with my Christian friends?
Another great part of today was finally getting to take the camera out again. It has been a long time and I was really getting the itch to shoot yesterday with the beautifully fallen snow. I ended up only having Black and White film on me so thats what I used. It was a good chance to test out my orange filter that I got for Christmas. I am excited to see the end result. I also learned about music, dead animals and wrecking machines today. Silas was kind enough to let me listen to him play piano and (bless his heart) told me that I'm probably less tone deaf than I think....we'll see about that Silas! Christine took time out of her lab to answer all of my stupid questions about various preserved barnacle creatures and take me on a tour of the 3rd floor of Axelrod to see the freaky stuffed birds....loons are way bigger than I expected! I also got to bond with the Invert Lab Prof over some machines tearing down C&M this afternoon. It was quite the sight. He said something interesting and more true than he knows "Makes you realize that anyone can destroy something but creating it is the hard part". Thats one for intelligent design.
Here's to learning new things. If anyone has a skill they want to teach me, let me know! I love to learn! (today's blog was brought to you by the letter L and the number 5ive.)
PS. bombs away, I suppose I forgot to explain the title! Last night me and an unmention prayer coordinator that lives in the same house as me had an unfortunate loss of part of a project less than an hour before it was due. A very stressful time. Afterward we may have released some tention....but it was all in good fun! Forwhatted???

Tuesday, February 15

A Little Wet

Its raining out there and its great! I really think I should have went dancing today, in the rain that is. I did have the chance to get outside a little, thanks to Christine pointing out that if I haven't gone to class yet this week, why start now! I slept into one this morning...didn't miss anything, yes! And I missed philosphy, the only one that I may eventually regret. The readings dont' make so much sense without a smart person to explain them to me! I did get to go to No-Frills though, fantastic! I have real food in the house so life can't get too much better.
I have been somewhat lacking in my devotions lately and I am realizing what that can do to just a mindset and how much I let God work in my thoughts and words. I need to work on 'nice Katie' cuz she is taking a vacation right now. I never want to be one of those overly, grossly sweet people but genuinely nice will do. I mailed out my Calgary application I have never done anything this big with my trust solely on God. Its exciting! I really need to work on being strong before I get out there so I can offer God as much as I can. Wow, stampede!
Ok, feeling like crap a little, need to eat something without preservatives in it. Can't wait for Dad's cookin!

Monday, February 14

Not Awake Yet

This is a shout out to my girls lol. I had a blast last night taking pictures of absolutely everything....peanut head and big lips most of all. I am going to have the best msn pictures of all time. Me and Becky and Amanda went to the Bangarang game to cheer them on in the Dome last night (sorta...not so much cheering actually happened, we got distracted). So we came up the brilliant idea of taking really close shots of everyone's eyes, nose and mouths and now we are going to make crazy collages of different people's faces. Yes.
So to add to our adventures we may have spent the night in the clubs office but that can't be confirmed or denied as of yet. 4 am and still going strong....poor cleaning ladies (and gentlemen). Three hours of sleep just doesn't always cut it though. Becky, love you, very sorry. I hope you are able to make up for lost time.
So then this morning I had a good start, even went to my 830 class. Ok actually I went to Christine's 830 Invert class, learned lots about shrimp, drew a gill or two.....skipped my 930 class and my 1030 got cancelled...bad weather you know. Little tired...almost forgot I had peer helper hours today.
Sorry, I realize it might be more interesting if i talk about my feelings or something but i'm too tired to have any. Night

Saturday, February 12

Boring Post

I'm not sure why I am bothering to post if I have already determined that this is going to be boring. I guess for my own benefit. I had my econ midterm today...which I think I did fairly well on. You can never really know though, why would I write down answers I know are wrong? Oh and then, me and Alli went to the gyme for a bit...well an hour. Yess...i love saying that. But oh man, most of the people there dont' even need to be can be quite the ego blow ; ). Assuming one previously had an ego.
I think I like this working out thing, I want to have very ripped...well toned arms and shoulders by the time College Royal ball comes along. Hopefully by then I'll get to put the peg in the arm machines...haha.
Wow, my brain is actually dead. I have nothing to say....and that doesn't happen often. I usually just talk and talk even when I don't have anything to say.
So last night I was looking at a website with baby names on it. Just something I love to do, names are so fashionable and they have so much meaning. Anyway, I have a few new favorites. I like the name Penney, and Edie (eee-dee)...but I think her full name would have to be Edith...not so down with that. I'll add more names when I think of them.

Friday, February 11

The Life of a Student

The title seems overly dramatic now that I look at it. And i am basically writing to students (the 3 ppl who read this are students...i think). I suppose what I'm getting at is more of a 'You know you're a poor university student when..." type thing. For example: You know you're a poor student (and don't mind) when you spend half an hour trying to prop up the cable cord to get the 'sweet spot' where both sound, picture and colour are available on the television for one show per week. You still know you're a poor student when the boxes and garbage cans fail to hold up the cord and you settle for the rest of the show with limited sound and silhouettes.
Yes my friends, that is how we do Gilmore Girls at our house. I think i'll mooch off some richer student next time. But seriously, its all part of the experience. If everything was easy, what stories would I tell the grandchildren. Assuming I ever have any, but that is a topic for another day. Well or for never, i dont' really want to touch on that at all haha.
I received comments on my last post even though they weren't required, thanks though. I think my whiny self reflectiveness (word?) just coincides with something else ; ).
So right now I am doing my peer helper hours. My job is to talk on msn. Actually I sit here and bother first year students to ask them how their lives are. I'm sure we help some ppl, technically we are here to answer questions. But really, asking people "how did that make you feel?", "Do you feel like you have connected with ppl at Guelph" and "Do you have problems with concentrating because your home life sucks?' is not my thing really. Ok you guessed it, I made up that last question but thats what I feel like I'm doing.
Oh and I walked by this table with these really nifty metal roses. I wanted to buy one but who the heck (excuse my language) am I gonna buy a rose for? lol Oh well, i'm not buying it for myself lol. Weird...well not that weird just uh, I don't wanna. Every time I saw it I would remember that I bought it myself and if anyone asked where it came from I would have to say "I bought it for my self near valentine's day at some random booth in the UC"...ok so it doesn't sound that bad. Maybe i'll get one.....

Thursday, February 10

Not Studying

Hopefully this will be a short one because I am not studying and I should be. I have a midterm tomorrow at 830 am with a class that has 100s of definitions like "graphic user interface" and 'private branch exchange'. Yippee.
Oh I haven't done a word of the day in a while but lets have one. Today's word is SWANKY, brought to you by the letter G (for Graydon). Definition: hmm...apparently it means something about fashionable and elegant. Yikes, not really what I was hoping for. It kind of conjures up an image of sleaziness or the "Shaggin' Wagon". Well either way, today graydon said that Christine looked swanky...and it just didn't sit right lol. Although he meant it in a very good way.
I actually am not in the mood to continue typing. Oh yes one last thing. I sometimes get this vibe that people like to be around me in like group settings but rarely want to actually get to know me. Not that I'm easy to get to know anyway, and sometimes I'm pretty happy the way it is. Just an observation I suppose. I guess I lack the really close friendships most other people have. Meh. I don't need feedback on that, just thinking. So tired...i'm gonna go draw some pretty pictures of what networks look like.

Wednesday, February 9

Good Day/Long day

Just to be specific, today was good. We discovered that me and Backy are no longer alone in our Spring Time Birthday Extravaganza! We thought we were unique...unlike those 6 people who share some time in february. Apparently not ; ). Lets see we have quite the line up (all ending in the big finale of ME! I might add) Silas (shout out) March 18th, Tim March 19th, Becky March 20th, Kristen March 22, Me Mrach 23rd. We should be having a joint....PARTY!
So the tickets go one sale for the College Royal Ball this Sunday morning. (maybe I shouldn't post that, could increase the competition). So our big plan to get tickets is to sleep four in the *clubs office*, I have valiantly volunteered (alliteration!) to take the fantastic floor...with padding of course. I guess a big girly sleepover is fun anywhere...and sneaky if you aren't supposed to be there! I wonder if there is a chance for a dance party....
So today, like zero people (well 15) were in our research methods class, so at the seminar the prof shows up. He says its to see everyone because no one showed up to his class today and that he wants to make the class more interesting...he asked us to make suggestions. Dance party???? No but really, I felt so bad...but I don't know if anything would do it. Not his fault...just dry stuff.
Also, I am so today our prof decides we get a week more for our assignment due after the break! What???? Ok great yes...but if I would have known that sooner, before my mom bought my bus ticket home, I could have gone to FLORIDA!!!! Uh, its killing me that I can't go. And I haven't finished my Calgary application, scared. Excited. Anxious. How many emotions are there? Anyway, I have an essay to write and this is procrastination.

Tuesday, February 8

Learning Something New

So here I am learning something new. Something kind of nerdy (in a good way, for all you people who already know how to do this) I am learning HTML. How fun is that? Let's see if I can do something cool.

Songs I like:

  • Fishing in the Dark
  • Thriller
  • Free Willy Song
  • On Fire
  • Who Am I

I like way more songs but my mind is

blank today

Here, I will creat a link to another page.

Let's try guelph.

One last cool thing
Bright Pink

Monday, February 7

Me and Becky! We're doing 'the Meredith'.  Posted by Hello

The Hulk

I think that will be my new nickname...The...HULK. I mean how wicked cool is that. Ok so I'm just joking, but seriously it can't be too long until I'm ripped. I mean I have been to the gym, oh, three times in the last two I spent a half hour in the weight room and boy do I not belong there! Leg stuff I am usually not too bad, but arms...lets talk about no upperbody strength. Who can't do a push up? Thats me. Who keeps it on the lowest setting possible (like no setting basically cuz the peg just hangs out) for the arm press thing? Me again. Who fell backwards on her butt off a machine? Hahaha, not me that time!
More news, Shelly is great because she made me my lunch today. How sweet is that? Pretty sweet. (sweet as in nice of her, not like SWEET!!!).
I also got a new coat today, its blue and tan and tealish...its so great. It looks like an old couch from the late 60s or 70s. Yeah its awesome. And new shoes. I wanted kinda funky ones that were like skater shoes, that were comfy enough to walk to school in but were also cheap. So I go basically everywhere (I had had a pair in mind at Transit but they felt like hard plastic...not walking to school in those!). I found pretty neat ones at Athelete's World (or one of those places) and asked to try them on but...then I realized: they were FUBU. I can't wear FUBU! I am as white and as uncool as they come. Luckily they didn't have my size so I didn't have to really like them and leave them behind because I'm not that cool. Overall a good day.

Saturday, February 5

This picture has to be one of my favorites from last year! I love you girls. Lets be crazy cowgirls again some time!  Posted by Hello

Listening to MJ

What better music to fold laundry to than a little Michael...i dont' know. Maybe some Now 3. Lisa Loeb style. So news flash: last night rocked! Chrisitine I like being your twin...but you're the evil one (*sneaky grin*). We wore some fantastic, well, how do I describe them....They are sort of a forest, emerald, shiny, fake satin green that zip up in the front with DIVA written in bold on the back in a gawdy red. Woot. Top that off with some massive fake pearls, flipped up collar, big hair and a certain Je ne sais quoi (oh right, eau de Value Village) you have a glorious early 90s ensemble. We sported it with pride throughout the night and out to East Sides where we took up the whole restaurant with our massive egos for a photo shoot. At least some old man appreciated it (*makes wretching noises*). We then proceeded to pack into Awesome house for a big nap. I was pretty cozy on the couch after I realized Gladiator was never that good afterall.
Still scared about Calgary and I haven't really worked on my application...but it will be done! I can't believe that I could have an adventure, i love adventures. Adventures where there are hygenic washroom facilities...those kind of adventures. Also, here I am all scared about not making enough money and then...what? I'm doing Co-op in the fall (Lord, let me find a job!) so I only have to finance one semester...woot.
Anyway one last fun fact, its the Superbowl tomorrow and I plan to go, even if I have to stay up and finish my project all night tomorrow I will be there. I mean a projector, and tvs in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway...I can't miss a minute! Oh, I'll bring my chips...why did I buy chips?

Wednesday, February 2

Oh I miss first year.  Posted by Hello

Who doesn't love the 80s? Me, Mere and Ash have a rockin good time...sorry this is so old...I am practicing my photo using skills. SKILLS Posted by Hello

Y'all Don't know Me!

Haha well actually after last weekend everyone knows me (or the old me) a whole lot better. Oh the mistakes of youth. I must say that I do have some pretty interesting stories about the seedy underbelly of small towns. That sounded so devious. Speaking of devious, everyone should check out Its so great, I go on there to relax and get my fix of amazing portraits and black and white photography...there is something so alluring and mysterious about pictures taken in B&W. Beware tho...many of the people that post their art on there are angsty whiny teenagers so a lot of it is depressing and annoying but then there is some really great stuff.
I really need to start shooting more. Pictures that is. I have this fantabulous camera (thanks mom) and great new filters (thanks santa/mom/dad) but I never use them. I always feel like I have no time or inspiration. Pish Posh! I love that thrill of taking them in and waiting to get the photos back....that is one thing you miss out on with digitals. Although those are fun for sneaky close ups on unsuspecting friends (leah?). I will shoot and black and white soon...can't let all this snow go to waste!
Worked out today by the way. I can't believe it either! Who knew. It was pretty fun, thanks to Allison who showed me how to use everything so I didn't look like a fool (too many times!). I think I would like to go more often.
News was good but I have to just get this out. Pet Peeve: people who speak to me in a condescending tone (I don't take that well) and when they try to 'calm me down' when I get excited or just need to rant. THATS THE POINT OF A RANT>>>TO RANT! Enough said I suppose. There I had a rant about ranting. Now I will practice uploading an image...sorry it will probably having nothing to do with anything!