Friday, February 11

The Life of a Student

The title seems overly dramatic now that I look at it. And i am basically writing to students (the 3 ppl who read this are students...i think). I suppose what I'm getting at is more of a 'You know you're a poor university student when..." type thing. For example: You know you're a poor student (and don't mind) when you spend half an hour trying to prop up the cable cord to get the 'sweet spot' where both sound, picture and colour are available on the television for one show per week. You still know you're a poor student when the boxes and garbage cans fail to hold up the cord and you settle for the rest of the show with limited sound and silhouettes.
Yes my friends, that is how we do Gilmore Girls at our house. I think i'll mooch off some richer student next time. But seriously, its all part of the experience. If everything was easy, what stories would I tell the grandchildren. Assuming I ever have any, but that is a topic for another day. Well or for never, i dont' really want to touch on that at all haha.
I received comments on my last post even though they weren't required, thanks though. I think my whiny self reflectiveness (word?) just coincides with something else ; ).
So right now I am doing my peer helper hours. My job is to talk on msn. Actually I sit here and bother first year students to ask them how their lives are. I'm sure we help some ppl, technically we are here to answer questions. But really, asking people "how did that make you feel?", "Do you feel like you have connected with ppl at Guelph" and "Do you have problems with concentrating because your home life sucks?' is not my thing really. Ok you guessed it, I made up that last question but thats what I feel like I'm doing.
Oh and I walked by this table with these really nifty metal roses. I wanted to buy one but who the heck (excuse my language) am I gonna buy a rose for? lol Oh well, i'm not buying it for myself lol. Weird...well not that weird just uh, I don't wanna. Every time I saw it I would remember that I bought it myself and if anyone asked where it came from I would have to say "I bought it for my self near valentine's day at some random booth in the UC"...ok so it doesn't sound that bad. Maybe i'll get one.....


shellieos said...

i thought those roses were gorgeous too. but here's where the poor student part comes in. :P

Silas said...

How much were they?