Sunday, February 27

Hiatus Over

Sorry guys I was on Hiatus for the spring break. Don't worry, it wasn't cuz i was so busy having so much life was soooo boring that there was absolutely nothing that I could write about. It zapped even my creativity. One great nugget of news is that I got accepted for Calgary! I just got an email and I'm good to go. Thats where prayer comes in though, I have to find ten (or more!) prayer partners to be praying for me throughout it. And the whole money thing lol but the Lord can do that...I guess I will have to put some effort in as well.
This week coming up is bound to be stressful but I'm excited too, its nice to be back in school. I just realized that if I get a co-op in the soo for the fall I will have NO LIFE! I have no friends left there lol...two are getting married this summer and one is headed out life. Actually my old youth Pastor started a Christian club/church at the college up there so he said I could get involved...that would be pretty wicked cool. Oh yeah and my worky. Someone found out my password and so I changed it and now I can't log on....bah! Whoever you're a jerk face!


shellieos said...

are u sure that u can't sign on?

Silas said...

You should.... tell them you forgot your password, and they'll email you another one (if you gave them another email address at the beginning.) or if you have one of those "what's my mother's maiden name" questions, you can get your password back.

but seems like you might as well get a new msn login anyway.

a chance to just forget about msn entirely? maybe.......