Thursday, April 12

I *heart* Benedict Cumberbatch

Not just because he has the best name in all of Britishdom however I do find myself a bit high school crushing over Benedict Cumberbatch.  No idea who he is?  Last week I didn't know either.  Then ShanWow kindly introduced me to "Sherlock" the movie-length show with only three episodes per season that takes Sherlock Holmes and makes him modern.  When ShanWow first mentioned the show she prefaced the first episode by saying she had a giant crush on the man who plays Sherlock (Benedict).  Honestly, I was immediately drawn to Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) - the more socially appropriate of the two - and not that interested in Ben. But he grows on you.  And no, not like a fungus, like an awkward best friend who is actually the nicest guy.  Excellently written character and fantastic writing.  Suddenly, you don't even realize when, you start swooning over Cumberbatch.  Maybe it is the blue eyes.


Oh, and the show is great, too.  It is still based on that Sherlock wit and incredible eye for detail.  They managed to cast someone able to play complete insanity in a restrained way for Moriarty.  The mysteries are interesting.  Although, perhaps I shouldn't encourage others to watch as I have found myself in a place where I have watched all available episodes (6 total, 1.5 hours each) and must now wait until 2013 for answers and more Benedict.


Beth said...

i am SO GLAD you've discovered him.

good gracious, he's an attractive man/character.

i also have a crush on john watson.

i this. show.

Anonymous said...

I love benedict aswell and think he's incredebly atractive!! it's his cheek bones that draw me in!