Wednesday, August 31

Things to Do in Red Deer

I have been doing my research about Red Deer since I will be there in less than two weeks.  The good news:  there is a vietnamese restaurant.  The bad news:  I can't get Sault pizza.  I was important for me to know that I would have access to pho.  After finding a place to live, buying a car (will update soon on this) and then actually working to get a paycheck I plan to get myself a Canada Goose Jacket.  That is because goose feathers make life worth living in the dead of frozen Alberta.  In order to accept my wintry fate I plan to join a curling league - probably the beginner one - to stave off boredom.  Who knows, maybe there is an Olympic medal in my future.
So far that list is:
1. Get a wicked winter coat.
2. Join a winter sport ("sport"?).

And I will add:
3.  Take a class.  The local college has a plethora of classes.  While the nerd side of me is drawn to "physics" and "human osteology" and "the philosophy of knowledge" the person who is tired of studying is considering "ceramics" or "cooking".
4. Buy organic and nice-to-animals.  A friend of a friend has given me the name of her organic farmer.  Now I just need my own cheese maker.
5. Join the local NDP party.  Is it bad to state my political allegiances online?  I guess I already gave myself away with my sad post about Jack Layton.
6.  Outdoor skating.
7.  Running.  Right.  I want to do that again.  I need a goal of another half marathon to get myself motivated.

Oh yeah....and working full-time.

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Cindy said...

I can hardly wait until you move closer to us...well kind of closer anyway. Perhaps you could come for Thanksgiving if you are not headed home...and if you have time off. I am sure that you are going to love Red Deer. As for the cheese...I still have the website for how to make your own cheese. Interested? Hope to see you soon! Love Auntie Cindy and Co.