Monday, August 22

Salute, Mr. Layton

The last time Canada experienced an election I relished the opportunity to visit the polls and indicate my support for the NDP.  I penciled in my vote with the hope that the next day would bring news of a new era with Jack Layton as leader of this fine country.  Great things happened in the last election with major political upheaval in the Parliament, enough to hold my hope over to the next election, to bide our time until we could have a leader with a vision of a better Canada.  My condolences go to Olivia Chow and their two children but also to our country because we lost the chance to see his great vision for us come to fruition.  Young people are looking for somewhere else to place their hope for our country.  Wherever we go next I hope Jack Layton would be proud of the direction we take; that we would strive for the fairer, better, more equal country he dreamed about and called for in his last letter to our nation

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Rachel said...

Ya it was so sad, I don't know if the NDP can come to there feet after this because he was so much the driving force I really hope they can get a good leader in the future.