Thursday, August 18

Another First: Head Wound Edition

You may want to skip this post if blood makes ya queasy.  This morning I took the little corolla out on the highway for almost two hours in order to meet my aunts and cousins at a lovely place called bathtub island.  Situated only 45 minutes from Wawa it is hard to believe that I had never been to this cutesy alcove of smooth rocks and shallow, sun-warmed pools of warm water.  I'll have to go back because my memories of it are still a bit blurry.  After 10 minutes in the area I promptly slipped on the rocky island (it was BERY SLIPEWY) and cracked my head.  The first thing I noticed was the enormous gush of blood all over.  The island is about the size of a postage stamp but there happened to be a registered nurse hanging out with her kids who also had a maxi pad and a bandaid.  They cleaned me up a bit and got me back to the shore where we discovered that my aunt had run out to the road and flagged down two MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) guys and the whole troupe came running down the beach to me sitting calmly on a log with a big bandage on my forehead.  So much for visiting with family; the nurse recommended stitches so we arranged to meet my mom halfway and have a friend drive the car home.  Before I could leave for safety my family insisted on me having my photo taken with the MNR guys and a few with all the blood - thanks family!  So far no headache and only the teeniest bit of nausea - as far as I can tell I never lost consciousness.  Fastforward a few hours - the doc sewed me up good with FOUR stitches.  The stitching didn't hurt it was when he pushed my skin and pulled it to show my mom where I tore right through the muscle.  When I do something I do it all the way.

Warning:  possibly disturbing photos

The bathing suit aftermath

Pre-stitch - thanks mom for cleaning up my wound.

Despues los stiches.  More gruesome?


Nadine said...

Oh, Katie! I understand this. The head BLEEDS.

So glad you had immediate help. It keeps the panicking at a minimum :)

Also, scars are sexy.

Cindy said...

Hope you don't have too many firsts like this one. Sorry I couldn't have been there with with rest of the family to take part in the excitement :). (Only someone from our family would say that right?) No, seriously, I am happy that it was not worse...but you sure make an entrance.