Monday, June 28

Freshly Fallen... (Now with Photos!)

...Runner. Today I had set the goal to ramp up to 7km (and bit).
Step 1: get new book about running. Realize you've been running too fast and decide to add distance the smart way: at a bit slower pace.
Step 2: plot course with
Step 3: get our of bed and dress to run
Step 4: bring water bottle
Step 5: start running at a slower pace than usual
Step 6: notice that you should have brought a cell phone (but yours died this week because you are home and your charger is at school) or some money...or id. But dismiss thought because "hey, what could happen?"
Step 7: notice how you could run forever. Enjoy yourself.
step 8: start planning blog post about successful 7km run. Emphasis on how amazing it felt.
Step 9: catch awesome new shoes on pavement. Crash to ground and skid.
Step 10: pick self up. Find stranger. Call dad. Wait.

Of course I was a bit embarrassed. It was on a fairly busy street. People definitely saw (although didn't stop, thanks). But most of my brooding and, ok, maybe tears, came when I realized that I would not be able to finish my run. No 7km today for me. May 3.5.

Over the past few months I've had a tough time. Life is confusing right now but running is the one thing that finally felt right. I was doing something right. Maybe I can 7km tomorrow.

Physical Damage (sorry, no photos now. I forgot my camera and my sister is still dozing): left hand scraped. Painful to move thumbs out to side. Left shin, major scraped. Overall, the frustration is worse than the scrapes.

Warning: photos of scrapes (but they really don't look that bad).

Sunday, June 27

Most Hilarious Kid

I feel like I've discovered something. If you like cute kids or just laughing in general you should read this blog. Her mom posts a daily quote from little Caroline. Keep in mind, this kid just turned 4.

Thursday, June 24

SLP Haikus

Sending in my final final exam (of the summer ovester) has inspired me to write some SLP-related Haikus. I'll be updating the post as they come to me so check back!

Voice Perve

Vocal folds abound.

Don’t look at them in public,

you crazy pervert.

Therapy Schmerapy

Chew chant swallow boom

Is it really just a joke?

Try yawn therapy.


Give me a nodule

Not papillomatosis

Any day of the week [Editor's note: Hi-MLPK kindly pointed out that the word 'any' has two syllables. Wow. So that makes this line 6. I'm working on it]

New Line: Get them gardasil

Aural Rehab

Put in a carpet

And some visual alarms

I’m hearing impaired

AAC (I decided to make a nice one)

It gives me a voice

When before it I had none

Be patient with me