Tuesday, June 22

Thank you G20

Apparently $1 billion in security isn't enough. Most of Toronto's downtown core will be shut down this week in preparation for the ensuing protests that many are assuming will become riots. With destruction. And terrorism. And to the fear mongers I owe gratitude. Gratitude that I get to study for, what now will be, take-home exams in the comfort of my parents' living room, go on a shopping trip for new shoes with my mommy and sister, eat chocolate, visit friends and, when it stops raining, enjoy the beautiful summer weather. My second exam is tomorrow (the first was in class yesterday, I guess they can't all be take-home). It is 1130 am and in preparation of said exam I have slept in, watched Criminal Minds (creepy!), blogged, helped my now-an-adult little brother make felt stars and moons. Thanks again G20!

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vegetard said...

Well so far to prepare, I've slept til 9, eaten peanut butter, gone to the gym, and then eaten cake. Enjoy being home!!