Wednesday, June 2

In Training

I was in a card games mood so I took it upon myself at lunch the other day to train a few new Dutch Blitz minions. Even with my game savvy friends I've found that good ol' DB is not well known outside of Christian circles. It can be easily purchased at any reasonably well-stocked Christian bookstore. I now have 7 more people to call upon for a rousing, fight-to-the-death game. It doesn't take long before the cursing comes out either. Even fairly mild mannered people begin to take it quite seriously.

They should change their slogan from Dutch Blitz: A Vonderful Goot Game! to
Dutch Blitz: Brings out de vurst in people.


Nadine said...

I was at The Big Slice last week. At midnight. And there was a game of Dutch Blitz going on!

I was impressed by how civil it seemed. I'm used to violence when I play.

Suzanne said...

My sister becomes a different person when she plays it... it's scary! Like I become scared of her ahah which is probably a good tactic for winning!

I heard from someone (not in a Christian circle) that they picked it up at Zellers... I haven't witnessed this myself but apparently it's cheaper than getting at a Christian bookstore.