Friday, June 18

Holding Me Back

As usual, I'm the only one holding me back. In this instance I'm talking specifically about running. To keep you posted on the fivefingers: still great. The soles are quite thin but surprisingly comfortable and protective. I keep expecting to blow out my knee or have sudden, sharp heel pain since they offer no support at all while I run on concrete but all continues well (*knocks on wood*).

Now that I have the shoes and the gear (new shorts, sweat-wicking t-shirts, a special belt for waterbottle/key transportation) the only thing holding me back is my choices when I'm not running: my diet. For the past few months I've been eating basically what I want when I want it. My body seems to have reached a happy plateau where that works if I run 5 times a week. I could be more in shape if I made a great effort to eat properly and drink more water. So my diet impacts my overall fitness and it impacts the quality of my running. After an evening of salads and veggies I feel rejuvenated and spry during my morning run. After an evening of pie/chips/KD/you choose I feel sluggish, tired and sometimes physically ill on my jaunt around the neighbourhood. You would think I would learn.

On to phase two: adapting eating habits and lifestyle to fit my hobby.

Workout log: Ran 3.5 km to meet JPD. We 'promptly' ran the stairs at Casa Loma 5 times (and were shown up by people much our senior). Ran 2.5km home (ie. I walked the last weak!). 6km total and some stairs: good day!

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vegetard said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! A life without tasty treats is a life not worth living!