Wednesday, June 16

Paper Plate Awards

Yesterday I was torn from my studies by a plea from the lovely Sharon to help her with her (overly?) ambitious project. What project? To create a paper-plate-award for every member of our 45-strong program (plus 3 profs) to commemorate the end of the semester. I was glad to participate and 5 hours later (6 or more for the truly dedicated) we completed them. Each was was a unique piece of art that highlighted some special attribute about each person. I'll post photos when A?CB posts them on facebook (ie. when I can steal them).

A few examples:

The Luscious Locks Award
The Sultry, Scholarly Scowl Award
The Triple Threat Award (she's pretty, friendly AND smart)
The One Master's Isn't Enough Award

Sharon and JPD included everything (glitter, roses, pipecleaners, stars....) as requested on my "(former) Hot Tub Diva" award since I used to lure people to be my friend by promising them a dip in the hot tub. I was also up for the "Most Improved Wardrobe" Award but sadly I didn't get it ;) They thought I might be insulted but I would have taken it happily. I've gone from frumpy to fabulous these last few months. Most of the improvement has been Hi-C's influence (I have to give credit where credit is due). She is still classier though, since she isn't as cheap as I am.

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