Thursday, June 3


I don't have any babies to name so I'll name my projects. I finally finished a lovely pink baby blanket in a new pattern, we'll call her Lucy. This meant that I could finally explore the little yarn store on Nasau Street (Lettuce Knit). The plan was to create a cream and green blanket (as per request...*Hi-C*...cough) but they didn't have those colours in affordable wool. Did you know it also has to be washable? So I got creative and picked out my current favourite colour combo.

Meet Romilly:
A little unconventional for a baby blanket but I think it would be perfect for a funky little girl. Why baby blankets? Simply because, as my friends approach that stage of their lives, I want to be able to give them something meaningful as a gift. And each blanket takes a pretty long time so I'm stocking up!


Maia said...

Are you crocheting? Is that easier than knitting (I'm such a shitty knitter)? If so, perhaps a crocheting lesson date sometime soon? How many more questions can I fit into this comment?? Hello? Katie? Are those crickets I'm hearing? Should I move from my current position before my couch swallows me whole from having sat here so long? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?

Katie V. said...

Hi Maia! Yep, you got it, crocheting rocks! Or at least i know how to make blankets. We can definitely have a crochet-date sometime. That is, if you want to make a blanket because that is about all I've got right now (although considering slippers as a next project). And if I knew the meaning of life...