Monday, August 29


I could be MC'ing (i dunno if I like MC or emcee better) the first crusade...with Becky that is. What made me say yes this time...uh...not so sure. Meh, could be fun....maybe this year I won't be "Katie from Marketing" will be "Katie in Undecided" lol. Work wasn't too bad today...I had the song Blackbird in my head and Break my stride...and others. Little birthday party for the parents tomorrow night, thrown by me I suppose...since I have to miss my dad's real 50!

Sunday, August 28

no clue

So I leave in less than a week for school...that is assuming i'm going to school this semester; still have no idea what program I'll be in. But nutrition is looking less and less appealing. I was all gung ho about shadowing the program (taking the classes but not being in it) once I found out that I applied way to late to get accepted this year. Maybe I would like business, but it just feels like a useless degree to me. I'll probably have to go ahead and take more school after my undergrad. But thats fine. I think I'm out of coop too, since I was so set on changing programs I haven't applied for any jobs so I haven't found one lol, and its a getting a little late now. I just need to find a place to live in Guelph. I am so spazzed, one day I hate business and I can't see myself doing anything related to the degree, the next day its full of potential. I just don't know...bah!

Sunday, August 21


I just need to rant right now. I am so frustrated with how things are going this year and I guess I just need to write it down to get it out and prayer would be great. So first, I want to change into Nutrition so I email someone because I missed the deadline. That was three weeks ago, still no answer. So I have no idea what I am doing in the fall as of yet but if I can't change programs now it will be too late next year. I also have not found a coop job yet, not that there are any I can apply for because you need a car or to be bilingual and thats not me. It doesn't matter right now though because I just discovered that I am not in an 'unknown' semester according to coop and not 'searching for work' so I cannot access the jobs even if there were ones I was qualified for. This is probably because of another awesome occurance. I get this email saying I was late paying the $200 new fee that I didn't even know I had to pay...our school always communicates by email so sorry for thinking they would tell us by email, no they posted it on webadvisor, a place I never go in the summer nor would I think that important announcements would be on it. So they changed teh deadline and I had to have it in by friday. So i email them to figure out that it is and they don't answer my questions (ie, how to pay) and they don't answer me, email them again, dont' answer my question. Finally I'm at work on friday and my mom has to call and pay. So she pays on time but now they need paper confirmation faxed to them. So first she can't print it cuz our printer quits, then the bank prints it and is like "don't worry we'll fax it". She leaves and "oh no their fax doesn't work" so it doesn't get faxed. So now I guess I'm cut off...i refuse to pay any late fees. On top of all that I can't access my school email and I am soooo frustrated! Bah!
On a much happier note, today was Natalie and Josh's gift opening because yesterday was their wedding! She looked amazing, they whole ceremony was fantastic. The reception hall was the bushplane museum and their first dance was with the hangar open and the sunset over the Ste. Mary's river in the background. The three cars carrying the bridal party got in a 3 car 'pile up' between the wedding and the reception when some idiot slammed on his brakes in front of them to parallel park on Queen street. Thank the Lord that there was minimal damage and no one was hurt. Overall though, a wonderful couple started their life together.

Friday, August 12

Dairy Queen and a Litter Box

So thats it, I officially work for the man again. Well actually not the man, the woman and she's actually really nice. Nonetheless, yesterday was my first day back in the swing at the DQ. It was only a 3 hour shift...woot. They finally automated things around there, as of last year I think they were the last chain that regularly operated 70s style (who i am kidding, it was from the 70s) crackly microphone for drive through. Now there are headsets...i almost died of shock. I guess its about time they put some money into the store...everything in it was over 20 years old and they weren't exactly NOT selling icecream at 40 degrees in the shade. Seriously I'm not trying to sound bitter this is just all of interest and I will want it on the record someday, a long way down the road.
Luckily my more official title is "cake decorator's assistant" which I am pretty excited to do, something new. My first day back at the DQ who comes in but this lady that I've known my whole life, i babysat her kids, i watched her husband carve up Canada geese, I built snowmen in their yard....she calls me Miss Kate...probably the only person that has ever gotten away with it. But yeah, so she's basically my first customer and so not knowing how to use all this awesome equipment I get lost and defintely make mistakes so not only am I greeted with "Miss Kate, what are you doing here?" I then look like I can't even run a cash. Yeah, so there's my ugly pride peeking out.
In keeping with the Dairy queen theme, I was outside waiting in the parking lot for my mom and there is this couple who looks to have driven a very long distance in their little sports car and have decided to keep a pet cat, toys, litterbox and all as company for the journey. I go back inside to call my mom (i'm impatient, i wouldn't want her to forget about me: she hadn't). I go back out just in time to catch the girl EMPTYING THE LITTER BOX in the parking lot! I mean who...what? Sick. Anyway, i wasn't even mad just thought, wow they look really stupid. Cute kitten.
Good news, no work tomorrow (saturday) so that means...Garage Saling! I have found them in the paper, written out the ones that look good and then proceeded to mapquest them all and print out the maps. Yep, too much time on my hands. I have also been spending a great deal of time focusing on my Yahoo radio station, being sure to rate each song so that one day I will have the ultimate station that will cater to my selective music taste (80s to early 90s pop with some jazz and hiphop in sad).

Tuesday, August 9

did it

I DID IT! I sucked it up and called DQ, two hours late but still I called. I dreaded it so much, not because I was scared to talk to my old boss but because I would have to wear that horrible uniform! Also its so like taking a step back, but wait...its money and I need money so I guess I can't complain. So yeah, I called and she is taking me back...oy. But, this time I get to be the cake decorating assistant. I mix gels and icings...i can pretend i'm an artist mixing my paint pallette. I am actually excited, who knew! I am just hoping that I get to go garage saling on Saturday, i miss it so much! I'm such a dork.
I also finished my "70s-dress-into-shirt" this morning. It looks pretty nifty but I don't know what to do with the flowy sleeve thingys, they are a bit tacky but taking them right off won't work either. What a dilemma.
Anyway, praise God, I am actually looking forward to DQ, never thought I would say that!


I'm back from Calgary now, a week and like 6 hours. Weird. It feels like I was never there and that I am a different person all at the same time. I don't feel like summing up everything that happened quite yet, it is a daunting task. One thing is that I was not able to get back on with Home Depot here in the Sault because I'm only here for one month. So I have been dreading making the call to DQ to see if they could use me for a month. Putting it off and off, but sadly I have to suck up my pride and ask for my job back, and get covered in ice cream and probably work for minimum wage (but it went up so i guess its like a raise). But then again, better than nothing of course. Tomorrow before noon; the call.
Laura's wedding was this weekend. Thats it, its so exciting, they have real lives now. God just showed his provision big time with them as they were obedient to him in keeping their relationship as pure as they could. I think their wedding was the first time I had actually seen them kiss. Laura looked amazing, a little snafu with a dress that just wouldn't fit but nothing that couldn't be fixed. The dinner was great, speeches were so good and sincere and they just looked like they were so in love. I was a little bored for the dinner just because I was stuck at the end of the head table because I was asked to trade with someone (how do you say no to a 14 year old?) so yeah, oh well it wasn't about me anyway :). Two more weeks and Nat is next!
I am officially trying to change my major to nutrition. Until today I thought FOR SURE it was what I wanted but now of course I am second guessing myself, as usual. It felt so right these last few weeks. I just don't think marketing is right for me...but what is? Too bad fashion isn't a degree, that would be amazing. Then I would have to leave Guelph, oh and assume that I could make a living off fashion lol. But I have been inspired today while walking to Value Village on a few ideas, some different fabric combinations. I really need to learn to sew better.
I'll have to stop avoiding summing up project eventually but for now I think i'll go read.