Tuesday, August 9


I'm back from Calgary now, a week and like 6 hours. Weird. It feels like I was never there and that I am a different person all at the same time. I don't feel like summing up everything that happened quite yet, it is a daunting task. One thing is that I was not able to get back on with Home Depot here in the Sault because I'm only here for one month. So I have been dreading making the call to DQ to see if they could use me for a month. Putting it off and off, but sadly I have to suck up my pride and ask for my job back, and get covered in ice cream and probably work for minimum wage (but it went up so i guess its like a raise). But then again, better than nothing of course. Tomorrow before noon; the call.
Laura's wedding was this weekend. Thats it, its so exciting, they have real lives now. God just showed his provision big time with them as they were obedient to him in keeping their relationship as pure as they could. I think their wedding was the first time I had actually seen them kiss. Laura looked amazing, a little snafu with a dress that just wouldn't fit but nothing that couldn't be fixed. The dinner was great, speeches were so good and sincere and they just looked like they were so in love. I was a little bored for the dinner just because I was stuck at the end of the head table because I was asked to trade with someone (how do you say no to a 14 year old?) so yeah, oh well it wasn't about me anyway :). Two more weeks and Nat is next!
I am officially trying to change my major to nutrition. Until today I thought FOR SURE it was what I wanted but now of course I am second guessing myself, as usual. It felt so right these last few weeks. I just don't think marketing is right for me...but what is? Too bad fashion isn't a degree, that would be amazing. Then I would have to leave Guelph, oh and assume that I could make a living off fashion lol. But I have been inspired today while walking to Value Village on a few ideas, some different fabric combinations. I really need to learn to sew better.
I'll have to stop avoiding summing up project eventually but for now I think i'll go read.

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