Sunday, August 28

no clue

So I leave in less than a week for school...that is assuming i'm going to school this semester; still have no idea what program I'll be in. But nutrition is looking less and less appealing. I was all gung ho about shadowing the program (taking the classes but not being in it) once I found out that I applied way to late to get accepted this year. Maybe I would like business, but it just feels like a useless degree to me. I'll probably have to go ahead and take more school after my undergrad. But thats fine. I think I'm out of coop too, since I was so set on changing programs I haven't applied for any jobs so I haven't found one lol, and its a getting a little late now. I just need to find a place to live in Guelph. I am so spazzed, one day I hate business and I can't see myself doing anything related to the degree, the next day its full of potential. I just don't know...bah!

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