Tuesday, August 9

did it

I DID IT! I sucked it up and called DQ, two hours late but still I called. I dreaded it so much, not because I was scared to talk to my old boss but because I would have to wear that horrible uniform! Also its so like taking a step back, but wait...its money and I need money so I guess I can't complain. So yeah, I called and she is taking me back...oy. But, this time I get to be the cake decorating assistant. I mix gels and icings...i can pretend i'm an artist mixing my paint pallette. I am actually excited, who knew! I am just hoping that I get to go garage saling on Saturday, i miss it so much! I'm such a dork.
I also finished my "70s-dress-into-shirt" this morning. It looks pretty nifty but I don't know what to do with the flowy sleeve thingys, they are a bit tacky but taking them right off won't work either. What a dilemma.
Anyway, praise God, I am actually looking forward to DQ, never thought I would say that!

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