Sunday, March 20

Birthday Week!

Shout out to Silas, Tim, Becky (Happy Actual birthday), Kristen and...well me I guess haha. This is officially birthday week.
Last night was officially the best birthday party (well heck, party period) I have had. Can't get much better than to celebrate with four other great people and cram 40-ish people into our house! The dance party was so good. I mean, it felt like a good old fashioned shindig. At one point it was a house party, people just dancin er up in the kitchen, chatting in the dining room and playing games in the living room. I even had to post because it was so great I can't get over it. Want to know what else I can't get over? That i'm going to be 20 in three days. I only have three more days of teen-hood left. Crazy. I dont' feel very grown up so i guess it doesn't mean much. But its big, starting the second 20 years of my life! It seems so long, but then again, so short. I wonder what the 2nd 20 is like...i mean I don't have to grow, or go through puberty, I already started university. Doesn't seem like there is much else to fill up these next years. Makes me wonder what kinda stuff God has planned. I think i'll go contemplate that for a while.

Friday, March 18

This one Ain't Exclusive

This week has been one of fun and fancy free I suppose. Only in the sense that it was actually fun, and homework free. But its too late to change that, I can only forge ahead and actually get something done this weekend. Oh man, the birthday bash. I sure hope some people show up, and kinda feel bad that me and Becky were so excited to do this for so long but didn't really have any time to put into it. Our house....messy messy, the cake (quest'ce que c'est?), the decorations, who needs those. I won't be tooo disappointed if it's small....i guess.
But this week, I must make a confession....I have had fashion on the brain! It's just so exciting, different patterns and colours and being creative. I think for me, that would be my ideal job. To create a collection and a fashion show. I have been working on my own sketching style because all fashion designers have a really cool way of drawing their ideas. Very long and elegant and wispy. Give me some pencil crayons! I want to be like fancy Pants off school of rock and make little moquettes of my designs. How neat would that be? Who knows, I could go from small town gal in Moo U to big time creative director for D&G (translation, Dolce and Gabana, aka amazing, elegant runway style) or work alongside John Galliano or Donatella Versace. Man, i'm getting goosebumps! I think that might be the temperature in this room. Anyway, if anyone ever wanted to know, that is my (not-so-secret) secret dream career.
This weekend is FOP, still not sure why I'm not going but I hope everyone has a really great experience. I think this is a big step for me that I'm not horribly depressed to not be going where everyone else is. ; ).

Monday, March 14

To My Girls (Boys, keep out)

Well this is to all my darlings. Why is it that us girls (or women if you have come to terms with that word yet....which I sure have not!) just can't accept that we are gorgeous beings. I have to admit to being an offender and to all of you I am sorry, we need to band together! It breaks my heart when someone who is so dear to me and who is completely beautiful in my eyes does not like herself or her looks or her whatever... I know maybe this is not the same as coming for some dreamy boy but I mean every word. I think girls are afraid to consider that she might be beautiful because 'what if someone tells her otherwise?" Wouldn't it hurt so much more going into life knowing that you are amazing and valuable and to have that crushed and stepped on when someone may not agree (out of complete blindness or ignorance I suppose). Then ladies, when will it get to the point where it is worth the possibility of pain to admit that you are special? I guess this is a question that each girl has to answer for herself.
Now for each one of you so you know that I'm serious: ashley darling, your tanned skin is beautiful and I love that you are so generous and thoughtful. Sarah, your blue eyes are amazing and I love the way you whistle when you are in a good mood (which happens to be almost always!), Jaacquie, you are very graceful and I love that you are mysterious and that I get to know that side of you. Becky, I love your laugh and you smile, you have a gift for making everyone around you feel special and included. Christine, the eyes again, you've heard it before but they are stunning, but I also love how you are willing to back up your opinions and be strong when it matters. Shelly, your eyes are fantastic and I would trade you for your hair any day ; ), it is refreshing to know someone who is so open and honest about how she feels and I think this post is partly possible because I know that other ppl express their feelings on here (a good release eh?). Leah, i love that you laugh loud and lots and I love your nose (and you feet? haha). You are so friendly and willing to help. Paula, I love your beautiful smile and how you always have something nice to say to everyone and but you aren't afraid to say what is on your mind. Lauren, your freckles and blong hair are spectacular. Your ability to be a good friend, to have fun and to have a serious side is great! Allison, your red hair is gorgeous and who else has hands like Lindsay Lohan? You are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people I know and I love that about you. Meredith, my girl,you have to be one of the spunkiest, most understanding people I know. And I love your eyes, I think they are so gorgeous, and fantastcially large. Oh man, I could go on all night about you ladies and about so many other hot gals I am lucky enough to know but I am tired. I hope you take this in the way I meant it....really, really :).

Wednesday, March 9

Back to 10

This has to be a short one today because I am already cutting my study night short for about the 3rd time. But poker? I'll be there! Actually I have only played twice but I am interested in lets correct the sentence. Fun? I'm there!
So today I felt especially childish. Everything was fun; hopping down stairs, talking loud, running around. Man those days are great. I really need a giant chair that my legs can dangle off of to complete a pretty good day.
I was also really worried about a project today but some of my fears have been allieved and I am not as stressed out. Not that I should have been stressed out in the first place but I was so too late now.
But right now this is totally eating away at economics time!

Tuesday, March 8

Spoke too Soon

Ok I took another little break. I am scared that I am losing my fun for this. I'll get it back. I have had the biggest urge to take out my camera with me and do some night time shots or black and white this week and no matter what I always end up forgetting the camera.....Bah! I find photography is a good release for me (haha release...shutter release...oy) even release of good stuff. Its just so fun to get back what you did. I even made up some sheets to take with me like we had in high school so I can record my shutter speeds and aperatures. Its nice to know how you took a shot so you can know what to do different or the same the next time.
So this is kinda out of the blue but I'm feeling like lately I have been having a very hard time treating my relationship with Christ as a friendship and not as a casual chat with an undefined, mystic being. Sounds kinda weird I know but I am a very visual person and when I can't picture God or His presence I can get frustrated. Its not a good excuse but it is still something that I struggle with. I have also been kinda dry this week. Which can be a bad cycle because I need to do support letters and continue getting to know God better as I am about leave for Calgary. But then I get discouraged or something and then I don't write my support letters cuz I don't want to write them when I am feeling on the 'not so spiritual side'. But then I'm frustrated and I waste time and don't use it to get my heart where it should I'm blogging now so that can't be good haha.

Ok sorry for all the seriousness. This week is better than last, I aced a philosphy test and College Royal Ball is coming up this weekend! Wicked Sweet! All my girls getting dressed to the nines (if you will) and having a great time dancing. Not too much is better than that!
Ok study time!