Tuesday, March 8

Spoke too Soon

Ok I took another little break. I am scared that I am losing my fun for this. I'll get it back. I have had the biggest urge to take out my camera with me and do some night time shots or black and white this week and no matter what I always end up forgetting the camera.....Bah! I find photography is a good release for me (haha release...shutter release...oy) even release of good stuff. Its just so fun to get back what you did. I even made up some sheets to take with me like we had in high school so I can record my shutter speeds and aperatures. Its nice to know how you took a shot so you can know what to do different or the same the next time.
So this is kinda out of the blue but I'm feeling like lately I have been having a very hard time treating my relationship with Christ as a friendship and not as a casual chat with an undefined, mystic being. Sounds kinda weird I know but I am a very visual person and when I can't picture God or His presence I can get frustrated. Its not a good excuse but it is still something that I struggle with. I have also been kinda dry this week. Which can be a bad cycle because I need to do support letters and continue getting to know God better as I am about leave for Calgary. But then I get discouraged or something and then I don't write my support letters cuz I don't want to write them when I am feeling on the 'not so spiritual side'. But then I'm frustrated and I waste time and don't use it to get my heart where it should be....like I'm blogging now so that can't be good haha.

Ok sorry for all the seriousness. This week is better than last, I aced a philosphy test and College Royal Ball is coming up this weekend! Wicked Sweet! All my girls getting dressed to the nines (if you will) and having a great time dancing. Not too much is better than that!
Ok study time!

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