Friday, March 18

This one Ain't Exclusive

This week has been one of fun and fancy free I suppose. Only in the sense that it was actually fun, and homework free. But its too late to change that, I can only forge ahead and actually get something done this weekend. Oh man, the birthday bash. I sure hope some people show up, and kinda feel bad that me and Becky were so excited to do this for so long but didn't really have any time to put into it. Our house....messy messy, the cake (quest'ce que c'est?), the decorations, who needs those. I won't be tooo disappointed if it's small....i guess.
But this week, I must make a confession....I have had fashion on the brain! It's just so exciting, different patterns and colours and being creative. I think for me, that would be my ideal job. To create a collection and a fashion show. I have been working on my own sketching style because all fashion designers have a really cool way of drawing their ideas. Very long and elegant and wispy. Give me some pencil crayons! I want to be like fancy Pants off school of rock and make little moquettes of my designs. How neat would that be? Who knows, I could go from small town gal in Moo U to big time creative director for D&G (translation, Dolce and Gabana, aka amazing, elegant runway style) or work alongside John Galliano or Donatella Versace. Man, i'm getting goosebumps! I think that might be the temperature in this room. Anyway, if anyone ever wanted to know, that is my (not-so-secret) secret dream career.
This weekend is FOP, still not sure why I'm not going but I hope everyone has a really great experience. I think this is a big step for me that I'm not horribly depressed to not be going where everyone else is. ; ).

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