Wednesday, March 9

Back to 10

This has to be a short one today because I am already cutting my study night short for about the 3rd time. But poker? I'll be there! Actually I have only played twice but I am interested in lets correct the sentence. Fun? I'm there!
So today I felt especially childish. Everything was fun; hopping down stairs, talking loud, running around. Man those days are great. I really need a giant chair that my legs can dangle off of to complete a pretty good day.
I was also really worried about a project today but some of my fears have been allieved and I am not as stressed out. Not that I should have been stressed out in the first place but I was so too late now.
But right now this is totally eating away at economics time!


Silas said...

Remember to blog for yourself, because you enjoy it. Don't blog JUST because other people read it, you'll find you'll stop because that reason isn't good enough.

shellieos said...