Sunday, March 20

Birthday Week!

Shout out to Silas, Tim, Becky (Happy Actual birthday), Kristen and...well me I guess haha. This is officially birthday week.
Last night was officially the best birthday party (well heck, party period) I have had. Can't get much better than to celebrate with four other great people and cram 40-ish people into our house! The dance party was so good. I mean, it felt like a good old fashioned shindig. At one point it was a house party, people just dancin er up in the kitchen, chatting in the dining room and playing games in the living room. I even had to post because it was so great I can't get over it. Want to know what else I can't get over? That i'm going to be 20 in three days. I only have three more days of teen-hood left. Crazy. I dont' feel very grown up so i guess it doesn't mean much. But its big, starting the second 20 years of my life! It seems so long, but then again, so short. I wonder what the 2nd 20 is like...i mean I don't have to grow, or go through puberty, I already started university. Doesn't seem like there is much else to fill up these next years. Makes me wonder what kinda stuff God has planned. I think i'll go contemplate that for a while.

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