Monday, April 4

12th Try is the Charm

I I had to try about 15 times to get into here. The site is a little slow today. I have been good lately, Ihave a schedule set out for all the studying I have to do this week to minimize my screwed-ness for exams. Not that any of the original screwed-ness isn't my fault, it most certainly is. But that isn't the focus today. These last few weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time appreciating music. I love just about any kind of music. I am checking out some of my old burned cds from years ago that aren't labeled. its always a surprise to see what I listened to constantly at the time. When I get a new cd I listen to it non-stop for about a month. Right now its Nelly Furtado "Folklore". Great tunes!
I also decided that I would like to know at this point in my life what i considered to be some of the best music of all time. So this is my list of must have tunes for any play list. It will be different tomorrow, and should actually be about 900 songs but i'll try to keep it to 10. Here goes:
1. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (although this may be replaced with Thriller or the Free Willy Song at any time)
2. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. THis is on here because of its amazing funness to sing along to and even dance if you are feeling brave
3. In my Dreams by The Real i even need to say...early to mid-90s pop with repetitive lyrics and white guys trying to rap...fantastic
4. Behind the Wall by Tracy Chapman. This is sung a capella and its amazing. I demand silence when it is on lol, it is moving and she has a great voice.
5. If I Stand by Jars of Clay, good message and just great song
6. Long Time Gone by THe Dixie Chicks, needed a little country on here for the best short play list ever, this is fun, not overplayed like Earl had to Die but almost as fun to sing along with.
7. I would do anything for Love by Meat Loaf, every list needs a powerful ballad, and this can be sung to without the vocal acrobatics of one by celine dion
Note: this is really hard! I feel like I will miss something that is crucially important because I don't have any song lists in front of me. These first 10 will be a starting point and will be subject to change until i feel that it is perfected.
8. Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar, need I say more? 80s 'punk' pop...yes. can be replaced by Girls just Wanna have fun by Cindy Lauper
9. Wannabe by the Spice Girls (basically any spunky Spice girls song can be substituted here)
10. Love is Blind by Eve *there is disclaimer on this one but nonetheless a good song

Hmm...i'm not happy with this yet, but it gives me something to get excited about!


Silas said...

Wow, that's an interesting list. I must check some of that out, since there are some I've never heard of, admittedly.

Anonymous said...

Yea Meatloaf!!! Kate, did you know he's in Fight Club?? It's a hard movie to watch so don't worry if you haven't seen it. Love the music list - it's all about being ecclectic (I think I spelled that wrong) and lovin' everything. Rock on sistah!