Wednesday, April 13

no title as of yet

Today doesn't get a title i suppose since there hasn't really been a theme to speak of. Not saying it was bad, just blah. I finished one exam, and it went decent so that gets a Woot.
I feeling a little overwhelmed I must admit over Calgary and exams. I know God can provide but calling people actually scares me like nothing else. Why? Meh, couldn't tell you. But I just have to suck it up. I am trying to get at least 5 more letters out by tomorrow so lets see if I can come up with that many people! And addresses!
I am excited though, I guess I just want to get exams over with, but then that means packing, leaving....leaving. Oh man I don't know if I can come to terms with that. If I do get a co-op in the Soo that means 8 months away. I love this place! Sarah will be moving into my room, someone else using my food cupboard. Well putting their food in there! this could make me weepy.


shellieos said...

yeah i know the feeling about calling people. it's a scary thing. i'm glad i'm not alone though.

Becks said...

ohh Katie, I love how you thought about someone taking your food cupboard, you make me smile. Hey if you do get a coop in the soo that means... Random weekend roadtrip to the soo to come visit you!!! I've always wanted to venture up there...