Tuesday, April 12

No more

No More inside voices! I can't take this insideness any longer. Not only am I inside I have been abandoned, all my housies are gone. I think when I talk from now on today I will use my outside voice...i suppose that means talking loudly to myself. I also gave up on silence now, i need some music even if it compromises my studying a little. It is a balance between my grades and my sanity. Sometimes i wonder which is more important. This is one of the first times I will go into an exam that my marks on the exams will 'make me or break me' as they say. Meh, its my own fault tho, I had way too much fun for my own good this semester!
Do you grades matter in the long run? I guess not but still it isn't a good mentality. How can I show my parents I am thankful for them helping me pay for school if I dont' take it seriously. Alright, I guess that sentence was the cue for me to get back to work....oy

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