Thursday, June 24

SLP Haikus

Sending in my final final exam (of the summer ovester) has inspired me to write some SLP-related Haikus. I'll be updating the post as they come to me so check back!

Voice Perve

Vocal folds abound.

Don’t look at them in public,

you crazy pervert.

Therapy Schmerapy

Chew chant swallow boom

Is it really just a joke?

Try yawn therapy.


Give me a nodule

Not papillomatosis

Any day of the week [Editor's note: Hi-MLPK kindly pointed out that the word 'any' has two syllables. Wow. So that makes this line 6. I'm working on it]

New Line: Get them gardasil

Aural Rehab

Put in a carpet

And some visual alarms

I’m hearing impaired

AAC (I decided to make a nice one)

It gives me a voice

When before it I had none

Be patient with me


Anonymous said...

AAC (mean version)
A hard class to bear
We can see the prof's nipples
On hot or cold days

Katie V. said...

hahahahahahaha! Seriously Maia, too funny. You have a gift! If you think of any more, please share!

Vixxen said...

lol You're hilarious, Katie, you crazy pervert.

Sarah Hori said...

Oh my goodness, Katie and Maia you are both hilarious. I was laughing out loud to myself. Awesomeness.

Anonymous said...


Fair test length, my ass
No, Tim CANNOT talk louder
Lest he get nodules.

Katie V. said...

Maia, that last one just made my life. Keep sharing!