Sunday, August 14

Quotes from a 3-year-old

This blog needs some serious updating including:  returning from Africa; Jesus camp; my future career.  So instead of all of that I will give you some quotes of one of the best 3-year-olds ever.  Ever.  Seriously.  We'll call him Ripper.

Me:  What are you doing? (as I approach child sitting on the stairs)
R:  Shooting bears with my laser eyes.  Look, a bear!  [opens eyes as wide as possible and stares]
Me:  Can I have laser eyes too?
R:  Oh sure, here is an extra pair.

In line at Wendy's on the drive home from camp.
R:  Mom, I want one of those toys.
His mom:  Well, you can't have one of the toys.
R:  But I WANT one. 
HM:  You're already getting a froster.
R: Fine, I'm just going to tell this lady that I'll have a toy.
HM:  No you won't, you can try telling your dad that you want one.
R:  Ugh, he already knows!  FINE!  I'll just play with this then [sits down at mom's feet and starts playing with the rubber carpet]

A conversation between 3-year-olds - both walk in to the cabin - I hear them walk into Ripper's room.
R:  No, M, you can't come in here, I'm changing.
M:  yes I can.
R:  Go away.  Unless you want to see my penis and my bum you need to LEAVE!

There are more but I'm drawing a blank.  This should buy me some time until I can update my blog fo reals.

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