Monday, August 15

Becoming all Growed Up

It has taken me forever to update the internet on my latest news because I was committed to creating a new header to go with my NEW JOB (imagine Bob Barker saying that).  It went like this:  a friend sent me a job posting for a mat leave in Red Deer, Alberta during my last week in Kenya.  I applied because, hey, why not?  In a few days I had an interview set up for the Thursday after my return to Canada.  Thursday morning I had a phone interview for this year contract.  Friday they contacted my references (and probably weren't expecting one to act more like a mom - she let them know that they have to be understanding and flexible as this will not be an insignificant move - thanks beekeeper!).  On Friday night, after finally flying back north to see my family, they sent me an email* to offer me the position.  Apparently I interview well (if just a little to verbose).  On Saturday night I accepted.

Fast forward to today:  I bought myself a swanky blackberry Torch so I can be up with the techno revolution; I am test driving cars since I will need one for my job.  More on that in the future.  I am looking for a place in R'Deer and even ordered some literature from amazon to celebrate my employment.  My biggest fear now is that I'll put out all this money for this job (no paycheck until the end of Sept, eep!) and then I won't be able to do it.  Intimidating!

*Yes, it is odd to get a job offer by email, however, I had limited phone access throughout this whole process.  I actually had to stay with a friend in order to have a phone on which to do the interview.

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Beth said...


Congrats times ten thousand.

You can TOTALLY do this.