Tuesday, February 8

Learning Something New

So here I am learning something new. Something kind of nerdy (in a good way, for all you people who already know how to do this) I am learning HTML. How fun is that? Let's see if I can do something cool.

Songs I like:

  • Fishing in the Dark
  • Thriller
  • Free Willy Song
  • On Fire
  • Who Am I

I like way more songs but my mind is

blank today

Here, I will creat a link to another page.

Let's try guelph.

One last cool thing
Bright Pink


Katie V. said...

haha, ok, I'm commenting on my own stuff. Not the greatest cuz some of it got messed up and I'm too lazy to fix it but I did it all on HTML...woot.

Silas said...

If you ever want to learn html from someone who likes to teach html, feel free to ask. I've been teaching a few people lately for my environmental science class assignment.