Tuesday, February 15

A Little Wet

Its raining out there and its great! I really think I should have went dancing today, in the rain that is. I did have the chance to get outside a little, thanks to Christine pointing out that if I haven't gone to class yet this week, why start now! I slept into one this morning...didn't miss anything, yes! And I missed philosphy, the only one that I may eventually regret. The readings dont' make so much sense without a smart person to explain them to me! I did get to go to No-Frills though, fantastic! I have real food in the house so life can't get too much better.
I have been somewhat lacking in my devotions lately and I am realizing what that can do to just a mindset and how much I let God work in my thoughts and words. I need to work on 'nice Katie' cuz she is taking a vacation right now. I never want to be one of those overly, grossly sweet people but genuinely nice will do. I mailed out my Calgary application today...wow. I have never done anything this big with my trust solely on God. Its exciting! I really need to work on being strong before I get out there so I can offer God as much as I can. Wow, stampede!
Ok, feeling like crap a little, need to eat something without preservatives in it. Can't wait for Dad's cookin!

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