Monday, February 7

The Hulk

I think that will be my new nickname...The...HULK. I mean how wicked cool is that. Ok so I'm just joking, but seriously it can't be too long until I'm ripped. I mean I have been to the gym, oh, three times in the last two I spent a half hour in the weight room and boy do I not belong there! Leg stuff I am usually not too bad, but arms...lets talk about no upperbody strength. Who can't do a push up? Thats me. Who keeps it on the lowest setting possible (like no setting basically cuz the peg just hangs out) for the arm press thing? Me again. Who fell backwards on her butt off a machine? Hahaha, not me that time!
More news, Shelly is great because she made me my lunch today. How sweet is that? Pretty sweet. (sweet as in nice of her, not like SWEET!!!).
I also got a new coat today, its blue and tan and tealish...its so great. It looks like an old couch from the late 60s or 70s. Yeah its awesome. And new shoes. I wanted kinda funky ones that were like skater shoes, that were comfy enough to walk to school in but were also cheap. So I go basically everywhere (I had had a pair in mind at Transit but they felt like hard plastic...not walking to school in those!). I found pretty neat ones at Athelete's World (or one of those places) and asked to try them on but...then I realized: they were FUBU. I can't wear FUBU! I am as white and as uncool as they come. Luckily they didn't have my size so I didn't have to really like them and leave them behind because I'm not that cool. Overall a good day.