Saturday, February 5

Listening to MJ

What better music to fold laundry to than a little Michael...i dont' know. Maybe some Now 3. Lisa Loeb style. So news flash: last night rocked! Chrisitine I like being your twin...but you're the evil one (*sneaky grin*). We wore some fantastic, well, how do I describe them....They are sort of a forest, emerald, shiny, fake satin green that zip up in the front with DIVA written in bold on the back in a gawdy red. Woot. Top that off with some massive fake pearls, flipped up collar, big hair and a certain Je ne sais quoi (oh right, eau de Value Village) you have a glorious early 90s ensemble. We sported it with pride throughout the night and out to East Sides where we took up the whole restaurant with our massive egos for a photo shoot. At least some old man appreciated it (*makes wretching noises*). We then proceeded to pack into Awesome house for a big nap. I was pretty cozy on the couch after I realized Gladiator was never that good afterall.
Still scared about Calgary and I haven't really worked on my application...but it will be done! I can't believe that I could have an adventure, i love adventures. Adventures where there are hygenic washroom facilities...those kind of adventures. Also, here I am all scared about not making enough money and then...what? I'm doing Co-op in the fall (Lord, let me find a job!) so I only have to finance one semester...woot.
Anyway one last fun fact, its the Superbowl tomorrow and I plan to go, even if I have to stay up and finish my project all night tomorrow I will be there. I mean a projector, and tvs in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway...I can't miss a minute! Oh, I'll bring my chips...why did I buy chips?

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shellieos said...

hey yo, don't be dissin gladiator. that movie rawked.