Monday, February 14

Not Awake Yet

This is a shout out to my girls lol. I had a blast last night taking pictures of absolutely everything....peanut head and big lips most of all. I am going to have the best msn pictures of all time. Me and Becky and Amanda went to the Bangarang game to cheer them on in the Dome last night (sorta...not so much cheering actually happened, we got distracted). So we came up the brilliant idea of taking really close shots of everyone's eyes, nose and mouths and now we are going to make crazy collages of different people's faces. Yes.
So to add to our adventures we may have spent the night in the clubs office but that can't be confirmed or denied as of yet. 4 am and still going strong....poor cleaning ladies (and gentlemen). Three hours of sleep just doesn't always cut it though. Becky, love you, very sorry. I hope you are able to make up for lost time.
So then this morning I had a good start, even went to my 830 class. Ok actually I went to Christine's 830 Invert class, learned lots about shrimp, drew a gill or two.....skipped my 930 class and my 1030 got cancelled...bad weather you know. Little tired...almost forgot I had peer helper hours today.
Sorry, I realize it might be more interesting if i talk about my feelings or something but i'm too tired to have any. Night


shellieos said...


i skipped the 10:30. w00t am i lucky or what?

Katie V. said...

Shelly you really believe in luck...tsk tsk ;)

Silas said...

So becky has a blog too? What's the URL?