Saturday, February 12

Boring Post

I'm not sure why I am bothering to post if I have already determined that this is going to be boring. I guess for my own benefit. I had my econ midterm today...which I think I did fairly well on. You can never really know though, why would I write down answers I know are wrong? Oh and then, me and Alli went to the gyme for a bit...well an hour. Yess...i love saying that. But oh man, most of the people there dont' even need to be can be quite the ego blow ; ). Assuming one previously had an ego.
I think I like this working out thing, I want to have very ripped...well toned arms and shoulders by the time College Royal ball comes along. Hopefully by then I'll get to put the peg in the arm machines...haha.
Wow, my brain is actually dead. I have nothing to say....and that doesn't happen often. I usually just talk and talk even when I don't have anything to say.
So last night I was looking at a website with baby names on it. Just something I love to do, names are so fashionable and they have so much meaning. Anyway, I have a few new favorites. I like the name Penney, and Edie (eee-dee)...but I think her full name would have to be Edith...not so down with that. I'll add more names when I think of them.


Silas said...

Don't you feel like if you tell people your dream baby names, that others would steal them?

Katie V. said...

I suppose, but luckily I don't think you, or becky or shelly will be producing children any time soon (correct me if i'm wrong) so I dont' have too much to worry about. You're right though, there is that threat ;)

shellieos said...

oh katie, i hate to tell you this, BUT

i'm secretly married, and my secret husband and i are expecting. i'll be taking EDIE!!! :P oh jokes!

it reminds me of that friends ep where rachel couldn't decide what to name her baby. anyhoot i've got my own dream baby names. *shifty eyes* well actually i don't. wouldn't you want to name them WITH your hubby? well i do like diana and joshua.