Thursday, February 17

Bombs Away

Summary of feelings: good, and mellow. It still hasn't hit me that I will be seeing my family in two days. I am pretty excited, let me tell you. So far, these last two days are in my good books. I have had quite a few good coversations with some awesome people about our awesome God. I have been thinking lately that these last few weeks have been so fun, getting to know people better and hangingout, having girly talk. But God gets cut out too often. Bringing Him back into the conversation is just really exciting. Escially to know how He is working and has worked in the lives of people. I want to know everyone's story! How is God supposed to be present in all of my conversations no matter who I am talking with if I dont' even know how to share my experiences with my Christian friends?
Another great part of today was finally getting to take the camera out again. It has been a long time and I was really getting the itch to shoot yesterday with the beautifully fallen snow. I ended up only having Black and White film on me so thats what I used. It was a good chance to test out my orange filter that I got for Christmas. I am excited to see the end result. I also learned about music, dead animals and wrecking machines today. Silas was kind enough to let me listen to him play piano and (bless his heart) told me that I'm probably less tone deaf than I think....we'll see about that Silas! Christine took time out of her lab to answer all of my stupid questions about various preserved barnacle creatures and take me on a tour of the 3rd floor of Axelrod to see the freaky stuffed birds....loons are way bigger than I expected! I also got to bond with the Invert Lab Prof over some machines tearing down C&M this afternoon. It was quite the sight. He said something interesting and more true than he knows "Makes you realize that anyone can destroy something but creating it is the hard part". Thats one for intelligent design.
Here's to learning new things. If anyone has a skill they want to teach me, let me know! I love to learn! (today's blog was brought to you by the letter L and the number 5ive.)
PS. bombs away, I suppose I forgot to explain the title! Last night me and an unmention prayer coordinator that lives in the same house as me had an unfortunate loss of part of a project less than an hour before it was due. A very stressful time. Afterward we may have released some tention....but it was all in good fun! Forwhatted???


Silas said...

Glad you feel mellowed out. :) The jam session was open to anyone, so you weren't give "VIP" access to listening to some music, heh. Although if you felt like it was that special, then wonderful!

Katie V. said...

Hey, yeah sorry if it sounds like i was saying I got special was just fun. Have a good break

shellieos said...

bombs away, eh? as in f-bombs and s-bombs? :P wink wink