Wednesday, February 9

Good Day/Long day

Just to be specific, today was good. We discovered that me and Backy are no longer alone in our Spring Time Birthday Extravaganza! We thought we were unique...unlike those 6 people who share some time in february. Apparently not ; ). Lets see we have quite the line up (all ending in the big finale of ME! I might add) Silas (shout out) March 18th, Tim March 19th, Becky March 20th, Kristen March 22, Me Mrach 23rd. We should be having a joint....PARTY!
So the tickets go one sale for the College Royal Ball this Sunday morning. (maybe I shouldn't post that, could increase the competition). So our big plan to get tickets is to sleep four in the *clubs office*, I have valiantly volunteered (alliteration!) to take the fantastic floor...with padding of course. I guess a big girly sleepover is fun anywhere...and sneaky if you aren't supposed to be there! I wonder if there is a chance for a dance party....
So today, like zero people (well 15) were in our research methods class, so at the seminar the prof shows up. He says its to see everyone because no one showed up to his class today and that he wants to make the class more interesting...he asked us to make suggestions. Dance party???? No but really, I felt so bad...but I don't know if anything would do it. Not his fault...just dry stuff.
Also, I am so today our prof decides we get a week more for our assignment due after the break! What???? Ok great yes...but if I would have known that sooner, before my mom bought my bus ticket home, I could have gone to FLORIDA!!!! Uh, its killing me that I can't go. And I haven't finished my Calgary application, scared. Excited. Anxious. How many emotions are there? Anyway, I have an essay to write and this is procrastination.

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