Monday, January 31


I think posting is some sort of heroin...or chocolate. Can't stop, must I always wonder what it will be like in a few years when I come back to the first entries...will I think I was a freak? Will I have matured (lets hope not)? I once found an old 'journal' I had started when I was in about grade 3. I got a new cabbage patch that year so overall good. I also had a crush on a boy named Christ Zagar...and on Mark Paul Gossler...but then again who doesn't like Zack Morris?
Today I was actually a lot less tired than I thought I would be. Sure did stay at Christine's house til 3am watching Field of Dreams (very good movie...slightly crazy....not always good that late at night). I won't mention any names (might have been associated with a big...I agree with campaign), decided a movie would be good but their project took until 1am. You owe me a research methods class! Good times in Christine's little fairy world that is her room.
I got a rockin package from my mom today in the mail and one from my aunt...what a great day! My mom sent me someone else's mitts in the mail tho, hope they don't need them!

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Sharon Lee said...

I like your say on futon sleeper sofa! May you prosper K ie V.!