Friday, January 28

Themeless as of Yet

I am not sure what will come out today. So far an average day so no complaints.
Ah yes, but last night. Dr. Ravi Zacharias gave a wonderful, very intelligent talk on the meaning of life. One of my friends came and she enjoyed it as well so good good. But here is the thing, I don't get it. I didn't find what he had to say very powerful, while maybe I was just supposed to awe at his intelligence (and it was impressive). I just think that while he was not scared to talk about Jesus, and he was also trying to not force religion on people but encourage them to think for themselves....I dont' know if they got his point about what to think of. If dont' if they idea of a personal relationship with Christ as a possibility really came through so I think I would have been confused and just learned to value relationships with others more. I hope that I am wrong. The talk did do something well, it got the name of Jesus out there and it got people thinking...possibly the two will converge. Just to clarify though, I enjoyed his talk a lot lot.

As for today, its 'Girly Sleepover" time. Woot. I have no idea how many people will show up but either way its gonna be a whole living room covered in mattresses and singing along to Hanson, the Spice Girls and the BSB. All personal favorites of mine! A topic last night at east sides...even though New Kids on the Block came out when I was young I never got into them. I think Backstreet Boys were my equivalent and because of that I will always hold a place for them in my heart! (By the by, Brian and Nick were my favorites...ew Howie!).

I did my hour at the Centre for New Students today. Second one. I haven't really helped anyone yet. Maybe someday, but by this time, most first years have adjusted and feel pretty good about being at school. Can't really bring the topic to God either...taboo I suppose...stinkin politics! :P

Chocolate time!

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