Tuesday, January 25

Whiny MacWhinerson Returns

January 25th. It began as a day like any other. Well sort of. Actually today wasn't like very many days I have had at university at all. First off...I got out of bed just 20 minutes after my alarm went off; usually thats just wishful thinking these days. Side note: I have been so tired lately and I can never get up in the morning...mono? Don't share my drinks!
I didn't have to rush out the door eating my toast at the same time, I had a leisurely breakfast that I spent with the Lord which was quite nice. (convicting and nice actually). For breakfast I had Bran Flakes and water. Did you know that Bran Flakes are actually really really good without sugar? Now you do. Or I do if no one reads this!
So breakfast, I am still reading a book that I started way back at the beginning of last semester. Its a worthy read I just havent finished the last few chapters...thats always the hardest, the end. The book is called "Do you Think I'm Beautiful". I must say I find it somewhat embarrassing to read a book with that title but as much as my brain tries to shut down all its claims some things ring true. I did learn today that I can be weak willed at times. Its not something I'm proud of just something that needs to be worked on in my heart. I have no passions, thats the problem. I like lots of stuff...maybe my problem is I can never pick just one thing and stick to it. Also, I am WAY too sensitive. At least in the area of being included. I hate to admit it but I am horribly crushed when I am not invited to do something or I am left out. Childish? Yes. Intentional? No. I just want to be included. So today when I wasn't asked to be a part of something my first reaction was to be petty and sulk and wish I got to play too.
Today this has been more of an accountability corner. Thats fine, sometimes I need to be accountable.
Done and Done
ps. Word of the Day: Moral Subjectivism (ok two words, one concept!). The idea that nothing (not anything, nope not murder, stealing, beating children) is wrong inherently. The only way that one of these things can be construed as wrong is if a person decides that for themselves it is unethical. But, since according to subscribers of this theory all morals are subjective we cannot look down upon or reprimand someone for an act we feel to be wrong as long as that person thinks that its ok. Who came up with this? Sounds like a big fat ol' cop out to me. Get some brains.


Silas said...

Nice blog! Looks nice and there's content!

shellieos said...

you're not the only one who wants in on the 'exclusive' circles. :P