Wednesday, January 26

God is Good

Update: I only felt like barfing for like 20 minutes before overheading my Research Methods class. The Lord is faithful to give me strength when I try to do things in obedience of Him...what a great thing! I didn't really elaborate enough or get as excited as I really am but it went well and I wouldn't mind doing it again (this coming from the girl who considered the least painful methods of breaking a leg or arm the night before a presentation in high school). Thats one thing. People always think that I am this big ol' crazy person who loves to be the centre of attention and talk in front of people. While that is not entirely false (ok, I do like to be somewhere close to the centre at all times) I dont' do well in front of crowds by myself. I want to get over it, I mean people who are public speakers seem to have pretty exciting lives.
Speaker? Did someone say speaker? Word association: World reknowned speaker---Ravi Zacharias! I am so pumped to hear him talk tomorrow. Especially since one of my friends is coming with me, someone I had never even considered inviting until God put it on my heart.
Word of the Day: Huzzah! It means an expression of joy or triumph. Its actually in the online dictionary...but where did it come from? Curious.
Short one for today...just trying to keep this baby alive and dancin!

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Silas said...

Hey you gotta get past your fear somehow. This is one opportunity to do just that. I say you couldn't have done horribly.. there's not much that can go wrong with an OT.