Wednesday, January 5


I am determined to write something in here today. I really dont' want to give this up because it will be fun to come back and read when i'm...20 or 21 lol. As usual my interest in this is waning and it hasn't even been a month. What am I gonna be like in a relationship or when (if?) get a career?!?! I'll just keep saying to myself 'the one month hump, get over the hump!". I'm in one of those, everyone's-life-is-more-exciting-than-mine moods right now. With 6 BILLION people in the world there must be SOMEONE who's life is more boring than mine....i hope. Speaking of six billion people, do you ever wonder if there is anyone else in the whole world doing exactly what you're doing at exactly the same time? I do. Or I start to think, wow right now as i (write my exam, watch tv, go for a walk, etc) someone is having a baby, or getting beat up, or bungee jumping! Or thanks to Margie, someone's grandparents are having sex.
I shouldn't complain though. I did just get back from one of the largest, richest cities in the world (Toronto, although sometimes i forget how cool it is to go there) where I stayed at the Sheraton hotel with 300+ other university students who are totally on fire for God! I shared my room with Jacquie and Margie that overlooked the beautifully lit up ice rink and UFO landing site of Nathan Philips' Square. The conference itself was awesome, I learned so much just by being there. It was the whole experience not one specific moment that really affected me. In fact I didnt' even know I was affected until the last night when I started to see some of the changes that God was bringing about. The New Years party was fantastic, good dancing, good music and a room full of university students together to pray into the new year.
We also got the Globe and Mail delivered to our door at the hotel every morning. I felt so grown up! I'm not sure what it is about newspapers but reading them (ok, or even just carrying one) makes me feel mature; whether I have reason to or not. The coverage on the tsunami was excellent, and horrifying. The first thing that struck me was it's always the poor people, the ones who already dont' have anything. I think I know part of the reason why. Here in North America we are all whiny ingrates (me included, I sulked most of Christmas day because I didn't get the CD I wanted). If something like that happened to us I don't think as many people would have the faith, the courage or the strength to pick up and start all over again. Why? Because our lives are too complicated, there are too many things to replace, too many THINGS. Pointless crap that we don't need and it would give me an ulcer to try to replace that crap. I thought I would end on a positive note ;)


shellieos said...

oh man..that grandma comment was really disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

especially after watching meet the fockers. :P

shellieos said...

it looks like your posting has died off katie. boooo. :*(