Monday, January 24

Calgary and some Ravi

So I suppose I should post before a month has passed and I forget about this thing. As usual I have no life and have had no life since I last posted. I have made one decision though; I am applying to do the Calgary project! Wow, there I said it. Done and done. I am so excited to go, but I hope that what I think is God leading me there is not just me really wanting to see some stampede. I will admit some of the allure of this project is travelling since I have yet to see another province in Canada. Its so funny how I often glow with national pride when I see pictures of the vast landscape and mountains of the west and the beautiful coast of the east, yet I haven't even seen them. There are no more a part of who I am than St. Petersburg Cathedral in Russia or the Great Wall of China; I havent experienced any of them. Actually, for all I know, they don't even really exist. Weird. Conclusion: I need to see my country!
As for this week, Ravi Zacharias is coming to speak at the University. Wow. Wait, yeah its a wow but I don't feel any buzz around campus. Maybe we really did thrive off all of the controversy of the Graydon campaign. Or maybe people learned their lesson, Don't Talk Back to the Christians, and maybe they'll go away. I still have to ask people to come with me. Correction, I have asked one person but I have a list of about 5. We'll see. I am also overheading in my research methods class. Barf. I dislike greatly speaking in front of people. Barf Barf.
I miss home today. Not in a homesick kind of way, just that I want to talk to my family face to face. There's no place like home...there's no place like home.....

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