Sunday, January 30


Good news: i survived my weekend home alone. Not that I actually spent any time home, or alone. Thanks girls. I actually did a smidge of work today, only in one subject though...economics.
Today my something new (I try to do something new or at least out of the ordinary every day to spice things up!) was attending Priory Baptist Church. Usually I go to Crestwicke but me and Becky stayed at Christine's (Boy Kev, sure wish I knew what it felt like to sleep on your futon) and walked to Priory. It was great! Probably the smallest church that I have ever been to but it was charming and friendly and a good picture of what Jesus really meant by fellowship...there was even a yummy lunch for the whole congregation after the service. I may start going there most of the time. I do like Crestwicke but sometimes the sermons are just not my style, but Priory, I love to just pick a passage in the Word and pick it apart for 45 minutes. I hope its like that every week.
This morning we looked into the story of the paralytic lowered through a roof to be healed by Jesus. I just felt that I needed to hear that because I have been reading that story a lot this week and had always been confused by a few things but I didn't know how to get them clarified. Also, I never really realized how much faith it took to lower that guy through the roof...I mean they had to dig through a strangers roof while people looked on so they could do it. Then, Jesus healed his sins. Surprise! His sins first, then his legs. I will read that with much more awe from now on for the power of God and the love of Christ.
Time for some Michael Jackson and some dishes.


Silas said...

Glad you could make it to Priory!

shellieos said...

yea i love it when pastors really pick apart verses. diving deep. don't like it as much when pastors use verses to support their thesis. ya know what i mean?