Sunday, January 30

Running Update #54: The Whole Shebang

I can probably stop blogging now.  Yeah, this can be my last, triumphant post.  Why?  Oh because I already ran 21.1km so my life is basically complete.  Technically it was 21.7km so it was actually further than a half marathon.  Not bad considering that, until today, I hadn't run more than 15.5km.  AND that I stayed out until 4am last night.  Wait, that was just stupid.  But worth it.  Maybe worth it.  Hi-C totally kicked my butt on the last two kilometres.

We kept a surprisingly good pace the entire time although negative splits we did not have.  Running downtown in a major city does have its challenges.  Our official time was:  2:18:16!  Not bad for a first try.  However, that isn't even accurate because of lights (where we did that really annoying I'm-jogging-on-the-spot-so-I'm-not-really-stopping thing).  The total moving time according to Sheldon (the GPS) was 2:12:15 which I like better.  I somewhat wished that I had stopped the watch at lights.

Does anyone know how accurate moving time is and what it really means?  (Garmin forerunner 405).  Because my moving paces were significantly better than my average paces.  Whatever that means.  Behold:
SplitTimeMoving TimeDistanceElevation GainElevation LossAvg PaceAvg Moving PaceBest PaceCalories

How do I feel?  Glorious.

And my legs are sore.  But good sore.  Muscle sore, not joint sore.  And I had my first minor chafing experience from my bra (Oprah's bra, btw.  Thanks a lot, Big O).  Cut to 5 hours later.  I'm moving slowly and I'm fairly hungry but I feel good.  I finally understand the desire for compression tights.  Shoulda bought that Running Room groupon, dang. I obliged Hi-C and was a better conversation partner.  However, the last 7 or 8km she could only really focus on Cinnabon:  "If we ran to ----- station [3 km out of the way] we could have cinnabon.  Do you think Cinnabon delivers?"

Fueling.  We hadn't really thought about this until after about 15km.  So...recently.  Both of us are fairly partial to Shot Blocks*.  Basically cube-shaped gummy candy (power up, Strawberry!).  They freeze a little in the cold weather and have a pleasant texture.  And no cramps post-consumption.  We each had two around km 13.  I'll admit, I hit a wall between 20 and 21.  But I didn't get the poops or have to stop for the washroom at all.  Surprising after my 3am pizza-experience.

If someone would have told me last year that my body (and mind) could run 21.7km I'd like to say I'd laugh but it is mean to laugh at the insane.  

*I was not paid to endorse this product.  But I'd be willing to be a taste-tester for other flavours, Cliff ;)

Editor's Note:  I forgot to mention the best part of my story:  I wiped out.  Totally fell flat.  It was about 1km into the run, my toe caught the edge of a pacement stone that was sticking up and over I went.  I officially love my running pants and have a new appreciation for the fleshy part of my hips and thighs.  Within 10seconds I was up and running again but I'm pretty sure a few people saw my incredible acrobatics.  No lasting marks either, unlike my very first wipe out.


cgarden said...

Congrats Katie! I knew you had it in you!

Beth said...

you were home WELL before 4am - like, at least 3:40! :)

i'm mega proud of you! been looking forward to this update all day, and glad our night of pointless fun didn't ruin you.

Anne said...

Woohoo! That is fantastic, you did great Katie. You must be so proud of yourself...I know I am proud of you :)

Katie V. said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to try the distance in a race.

And yes, Beth, I guess I was home by 340 lol. But I had to stay up and relax for a bit before bed :) Any more crazy times on the horizon for us?

Vixxen said...

You're normally a really awesome big sister, despite our occasional "disagreement", but you've been getting more and more awesome as time goes on.

I'm really proud of you and everything you've accomplished. I brag about you to my friends, lol

Also, dammit, Oprah!

ilovemylife said...

interesting...keep exploring