Thursday, January 6

Running Update #50

This has been a good running week.  Hi-C and I did some hills.  We at least tried.  I've done a few solo runs including home from placement yesterday at just over 7km.  Not especially far but I managed to keep a better pace than I have been for the past few weeks.  I hit 5km just just under 30minutes (29:55 to be precise) which is decent for me.  Perhaps some people would call that jogging but it feels like running to me.  I was going to take today off but Hi-C suggested a run and my pride won't let me turn that down.  We headed out intending for 10km but when we returned to our point of origin we had only hit 8.6km and we did so quite slowly.  Snow is a tricky thing.  There was beautiful fluffy snow falling for the run but it coated the side walks and made them extra slippy; the run felt like a good pace but turned out to be fairly slow.  Good thing I just read today about the importance of rhythm runs at a pace slower than race but faster than slow (got that?).  The pace really didn't bother me actually, it just felt good to run (and to not fall on the ice and break my tailbone:  major anxiety-producer for moi).  Saturday will be the test if I'm still on track for banging out 15km.

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Morgan said...

Just keep at it and run what feels right until you figure it out. I try to run pace workouts just fast enough so that it's hard to talk but not so fast that I couldn't answer a question. Good luck this weekend!