Thursday, January 20

Hello, Morgan Freeman?

We have some bones that need collecting.

I can't believe I'm actually placing this photo on my blog on purpose.  No I'm not suffering from an acute case of edema.
The roommate brought home a box of bones about which I got a lesson on their attachments. Nerd heaven.

Speaking of nerd heaven I actually went to Medieval Times.  You know, the restaurant where you also watch jousting and hawk tricks (sorry, ruined it!  There's a hawk!).  It wouldn't normally be a place I would suggest but I was fortunate to hang out with my Aunt Boom and Cousin Rhaps (these are blog monikers, they have regular, everyday names).  My aunt was SO EXCITED to go (and so generous that she offered to pay, thanks aunt Boom!) since they don't get to Toronto much and she had yet to talk anyone else into going.  I really don't see how hundreds of adults in paper crowns eating with their hands and cheering for dudes with long flowing hair performing knightly duties could be anything but entertaining.  My animal protein consumption was through the roof.  Half a chicken and even some pork (that is what ribs is, right?). 
Life update:  my whole life consists of placement and running these days.  This isn't even a complaint.  It turns out that I'm loving placement and have some great clients.  SO MANY interesting cases have come up that I would love to blog about but privacy is a huge deal these days so I have to follow the rules.

As for running, hoo boy the countdown is on!  I've been managing 7 and 8 km runs while keeping a pace below 6min/km (just below, but below nonetheless).  Not bad considering my lungs are getting wheezy half way through (but still feel pretty good) and there have been some sneaky ice patches that require some velocity reduction.  I feel like I might die, though, if someone asked me to maintain that speed for 21.1km.  Can I do it?


Anne said...

The cool think about races is that we always go faster than during training runs...I love that about racing :) maybe you can indeed do it!

Jo said...

Oooooooo!! I see a scapula and and a few phalanges. And maybe a talus or two? I am an anatomy geek.

Vixxen said...

I know you're probably just quoting Juno, but Morgan Freeman wasn't in The Bone Collector. That was Denzel Washington. Great movie.

Also, JEALOUS! I wanna go to Medieval Times! Glad you guys had fun =) How long are they in TO?