Saturday, January 8

Snowed In?

Not today!  I awake this morning to this:
Yes, all of my windows are covered in screens but the point is the extra 6-8 inches of snow that was not there last night when I went to bed.  Sneaky mother nature.  She was throwing a curve ball at my laziness butt to see if she could get me.  And she almost did.  Well, she kind of still did.  It was supposed to be a long slow day at 15 km (because the WINTERMAN is in 43 days!).  It was definitely slow. 

When I first saw the uncleared sidewalks I shuddered and went to crawl back into bed:  tomorrow, I'll run tomorrow.  That's when I had a little internal dialog:
Self:  Um, what race are you training for*?
Me:  Oh yeah, the winterman.
Self:  Oh, riiiiight.  Are you going to not run the winterman if its a wittle snowy? 
Me:  Damn.  I'll get my shoes.

So off I went deciding to just "see how it goes".  The traction was pretty abysmal and it slowed me down considerably while making me work so much harder but I wasn't falling down so I ran for 1:03 in which time I hit 9.25km, many stop lights and NO personal bests.  We're talking 6:40/km.  BUT! But, I had a great time.  And I keep telling myself that that run was basically like running a much longer run for how hard I had to word.  Right?  Right?  Well, that's what I keep telling myself....

And since you're curious, I spent the afternoon re-certifying my CPR.  Thanks to our very knowledgeable (and entertaining) instructor we have the latest and greatest cutting edge info on the best CPR techniques.  He's not even supposed to be teaching them to us that's how new they are!  Interesting fact:  you do not have to be CPR certified in the province of Ontario to operate a defibrillator.  So go at'er!

 A hostage situation?  No, just a bunch of SLPs (and a midwife!) making way for the electrical heart stimulation.  CLEAR!

*Yes, I leave my prepositions hanging even in my own internal discussions. 

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Anne said...

Haha! Made me laugh when you asked yourself which run you were training for...I did exactly that today :) Mine's called the Hypothermic Half!