Sunday, January 23

Runnin Update #52: A minor success and a Major Failure

The plan this morning was to do 18km.  This puts me on track for my big run at the end of Feb (less than a month away!).  My room was boiling and I checked the temp:  -9 celcius.  Brr.  But totally doable.  On went my running clothes as my roommate announced that the Weather Network was claiming -18 with windchill of -33.  Many expletives ensued.  I think they generate heat.  Being able to post on my blog that I had run 18km in the "extreme cold" was good motivation to leave the house anyway.  So that was the minor success:  I went!  Hokey toot it was cold out there.  I was going at a comfortable pace and it wasn't feeling that cold.

That is where we get to the Major Failure.  I couldn't find my neck warmer and I don't have any vaseline (a tip I've been given a few times to cut the wind on one's face) so my face was entirely unprotected.  My legs started to burn first but after just 4km I knew it was over when the feeling of pre-frostbite started on my cheeks.  That numb, tingly feeling where you cheeks feel like pieces of styrofoam have been glued to them.  I made it almost 5km and took the subway back home.  Sorry readers, I'm not hardcore enough!

The Plan of Action:  I still need a long run.  Tomorrow I plan to run home from placement since it is only 7km so no excuses.  Then Tuesday I'll make up the distance by stopping at the Running Room to exchange a gift for a balaclava (oh yes, I'm going there) and then head to the gym to bang out 18km on the treadmill.  Cheating but legit.  Now hold me accountable to this plan!

Editor's Note:  Friday night was the first time I realized running may be taking a toll on my body even if I'm not aware of it all the time.  I went out dancing with some wonderful ladies (Shout out to:  Ro-RoW as promised :).  It was great times but I couldn't Get Low Low Low Low Low Low Low knees just wouldn't do it!  Thigh pain in the muscle is one thing that enough "getting low" will do to anyone but this was actual joint pain.  

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