Monday, January 3

Running Update #49 (and life)

Back in Toronto and a New Year got me back on track.  I headed out for a 10km run this morning and performed better than expected considering my (lazy) hiatus.  Just over one hour 1:00:41 so I'll take it.  Although....just like the cake, it is a lie.  Because I actually stopped the watch for about 15 seconds around the 5km mark to walk out a stitch that bent me double.  Thank god it did not return and I even seemed to improve in the last few kilometers.  The wall was hit again at the completion of 3km but I pushed through and sped back up.  That is so far the biggest benefit of the watch:  speed.  I can see when I'm slacking.  Sometimes it feels like I'm working just as hard but my pace is on a downward trajectory.  Now I can't be fooled by how my legs feel because technology tells me the truth.  Or so I choose to believe.

Some qualms:  once early in the run I checked my pace to see Sheldon* was clocking me at over 8min/km but I definitely hadn't slowed.  But it didn't seem to transfer to my times so I'm not sure where the glitch came from.  Another potential issue arose when I first walked outside.  I was standing in the cold wind and  could not get it to show me anything other than the battery life no matter what I pressed.  Frustrated I eventually went back upstairs to get the manual but it started to work on the way.  Perhaps it didn't like being transported in the belly of an airplane in negative a million degree temperatures (that's in Celsius, not sure of the conversion). 

And now for the life part.

I was making cupcakes with my three fave little dudes when Z (the 2.5 year old) kindly informed me that I had a baby in my stomach**.  His older brother then came to my rescue "She does not".  Whew, thanks bud.  At least someone can tell.  But apparently it wasn't my "flat" stomach that convinced him of this.  "Miss Katie can't be pregnant because she isn't married.  You can't have a baby unless you're married".  Uh oh, you've got your biology wrong little man.  Should I have fibbed?  I just can't lie about science.  Now some poor seven year old is probably utterly confused because marriage is not the way a baby is made.  Woops.  It isn't like I went into detail but I think I said something smooth like "uh...well...most people are married when they have babies but it is possible not to be...."  He had to find out at some point.

*That is what I have decided to name the garmin.  Actually, I think he decided it for himself.  His anal-ness bears a resemblance to his namesake from Big Bang Theory.
**Let's just clarify that I have not recently grown a major gut and I do not appear to be preggers.  The poor kid seems to be surrounded by pregnant women so it was only natural to assume female = knocked up.


Petraruns said...

Ha! re comments from little people - a little impromptu life / sex ed is always how it seems to go. The questions never arise when you're prepared for them so you handled it well (and avoided the BIG talk by the sounds of it). As for Garmin - I love mine but they can be temperamental...

Katie V. said...

Good to know, I'll have to make an effort to treat my garmin well.